Photography For Beginners Workshop

Maybe you just got a brand new DSLR as a present or decided to finally ditch your old film camera and bought a new DSLR or have had your DSLR for a some time now but have been too afraid to take it out of automatic mode and into manual mode. You have read the camera manual, watched countless YouTube videos, read photography books and after doing all of that you are even more confused than when you first started.

Well, this workshop is for you. It has been designed to take you back to the basics of photography. Everything is explained in a simple to understand manner and the workshop is hands on so you are putting into practice what you are learning. The workshop is aimed at people who are new to digital photography, want to learn to take better pictures, to feel comfortable and become more familiar with their DSLR.

During the workshop will cover the following topics
• Come to grips with shooting in manual mode
• Selecting the best ISO for different lighting conditions
• Using white balance for the right lighting conditions
• Advice on looking after and maintaining your camera gear
• Difference between full frame, crop and mirrorless explained
• Focusing modes explained 
• Advice on upgrading your current camera and lenses
• Buying the right accessories for your camera and lenses
• General tips and advice on taking better images
• Software and hardware suggestions on getting started editing your photos

What to bring

  • DSLR
  • Prime or zoom lenses
  • Memory card
  • Tripod
  • Cameras user manual
  • Note pad and pen
  • Accessories and camera gear 

Workshop details

Cost: $252 includes Eventbrite booking fee
Date: Sunday 12th June 2016
Time: 9am to 5pm

Workshop is limited to 8 people max, for enquires please contact Carlos on 0418 946 114 or email 

Get back to the basics of photography master ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed

Hardware and software suggestions to take your photo editing to the next level

Expert advice on getting the right camera gear for your photography needs


I am so happy that I came to the beginners photography course! Totally recommend to anyone who is new to digital SLR photography. Carlos knows his stuff and is super passionate.

Belle Ashlee

Carlos is a passionate photographer who's enthusiasm drives his photography workshop and keeps it engaging. I hadn't delved into the fun and creative world of photography since High School and had forgotten all of the basics. But a session with Carlos and he had meback on my bicycle and capturing the world around me.
Carlos is clear, concise and very informative which was great as when we put it to practise I could navigate around my camera with easeand choose the appropriate settings i wanted for my shot.

His story of getting into this creative field of work is pretty inspiring too. 


I have taken two workshops from Carlos: ‘The use of natural light in portrait photography' and 'Food photography'. During those workshops Carlos managed to inspire me with his passion to the subject and convey the essential knowledge about it. He was also willingly sharing technical and artistic knowledge on how to achieve the best result in the most efficient way. Carlos was always very helpful during the workshops and took time answering any questions I had. Apart from learning a lot, I also had much fun and enjoyed my time experimenting with my camera under Carlos's guidance. I am very glad I had an opportunity to meet Carlos and learn new things from him! Thank you so much!

Polina Bolotova


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